Climate-friendly shopping made easy

Climate protection is an important aspect in the manufacture of our products. Our Oecoplan products are energy-efficient and help save energy. Our customers also exert a great influence on the climate, through making responsible shopping choices.

Saving energy day-to-day

Electronic equipment and lighting consume a lot of electricity – even in stand-by mode. It makes sense to buy energy-saving devices, Not just for the good of the environment, but also for the sake of your own wallet, as consuming less energy need not entail sacrifice. Modern electronic devices are considerably more energy-efficient than their predecessors – and sometimes with better performance. Our Oecoplan and Satrap own-label brands are proof of this. Electrical household appliances made by these brands earn top rankings from Topten, the independent platform for consumers looking for energy-efficient products.

Clearing up confusion

The energy label for the multitude of household appliances makes it even easier to save energy. You can see at a glance how efficiently a piece of equipment runs and how much electricity it consumes. It's even simpler if, before buying electrical appliances, you look for the Topten seal of approval. In 2016, we put Topten-approved, energy-efficient appliances worth a total of 148 million Swiss francs into Swiss households.

LED – a bright idea

Lighting is another source of considerable savings potential. We stopped selling pearl light bulbs in 2009. With our wide range of LEDs, we enable potential energy savings of up to 80 percent. In 2016, we completely overhauled the range. We replaced energy-saving light bulbs with the newer and even more energy-efficient LED bulbs and greatly expanded the range of energy-efficient lighting.

Many routes to sustainable shopping

By operating the most extensive network of POS in Switzerland, we enable customers to do their shopping by public transport, by bicycle or on foot. Ideally, anyone who uses the car should plan a big shop once a week, to reduce CO2 emissions. Coop@home is our efficient delivery service. We take responsibility for the CO2 emissions caused by our delivery service and invest in climate protection projects.

Raising awareness with Energyday

We are one of the founding partners of the annual Energyday, which is organized by the Energie Agentur Elektrogeräte (EAE) energy association together with the Swiss Energy programme of the Federal Office of Energy (FOE). Two of our sales formats are involved in Energyday, staging numerous activities and raising customer awareness of the issue of energy efficiency.