Awareness-raising projects

Sustainability need not remain an abstract concept, but can be demonstrated to the general public using practical examples. We support our partner organizations in running events and projects designed to encourage people to engage with sustainability issues.

«Blühende Schulen» flower planting initiative for schools

Partner: Bio Suisse
Content: School classes are provided free of charge with 1,200 planting sets containing organic herb seedlings and organic seeds as well as ideas for lessons. The project makes a major contribution to helping children, adolescents and teachers address the topics of bees and biodiversity.
Commitment: 2016 - 2020

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Slow Food Market

© Slow Food

Partner: Slow Food
Content: Support of the Slow Food Market to raise public awareness of the need for sustainable cooking.
Commitment since: 2017

Umwelt Arena

Partner: W. Schmid AG
Content: Partnership with the Umwelt Arena (Environment Arena) in Spreitenbach, which offers its visitors guidance on consuming sustainable products.
Commitment since: 2012

Greenhouse in Frutigen

Partners: Greenhouse Frutigen
Content: Sustainable use of resources with closed cycles and use of industrial and geothermal waste heat. Transfer of experience and knowledge about healthy, enjoyable nutrition, overfishing of the oceans, aquacultures, sustainable food production, tropics plus solar and geothermal energy.
Commitment since: 2007

ProSpecieRara (PSR) Wildegg

Partner: ProSpecieRara
 Exhibition in the cellar of the garden at Schloss Wildegg. Cooperation between ProSpecieRara and Museum Aargau that shows how visitors can contribute to preserving old varieties.
Commitment since: