National and international awards

In recent years we have won a succession of national and international awards for our commitment to people, animals and nature.

To promote sustainable business in Switzerland, we also present our own awards for outstanding commitment to sustainability. These include the Natura Prize for business partners and the YES Sustainability award for young entrepreneurs. Here is an overview of the national and international awards we have received for our commitment to greater sustainability.


Chocolate scorecards: 1st place

In the fifth edition of the "Chocolate scorecards", we take first place in the retailer category. Five criteria are examined for this overall assessment: traceability and transparency, living incomes, child labour, deforestation and climate, agroforestry and pesticide use. As the best retailer, we are in the top 20 percent of all rated companies worldwide in the three categories Retail, Production and Hospitality. In third place as a production company, Halba also performed brilliantly.


Fairtrade Global Awards: leading retailer in the "Fairtrade Partner of the Year" category

At the Fairtrade Global Awards 2023 we were awarded Silver in the "Fairtrade Partner of the Year" category as a leading retailer. This category recognizes partners who demonstrate exceptional commitment and close reciprocal relationships with smallholder farmers. In particular, the award acknowledges the readiness to innovate and continually try out new approaches in collaboration with Fairtrade. The assessment was carried out by an independent jury and the award was presented in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya is one of the main countries of origin of cut flowers, including roses. Over many years of cooperation with Fairtrade Max Havelaar our entire cut roses range has been Fairtrade certified, reaching the 100% mark in 2022.

Naturaplan among the top sustainability brands

Coop's own-label sustainability brands have been among those assessed by the new label evaluation website powered by Pusch Praktischer Umweltschutz. Coop Naturaplan and Coop Naturaplan (Swiss origin) have achieved the overall rating of "excellent".

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Fairtrade Award 2022

We have been awarded the Fairtrade Award 2022 in the retail trade category by Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland. The Fairtrade Award was presented to outstanding fair-trade actors in Switzerland on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Fairtrade Max Havelaar Switzerland. With around 1 300 Fairtrade products, we offer the largest such range in the world, which we have built up over 30 years in collaboration with Fairtrade Max Havelaar. 


Solar prize for our head office

We have been awarded a solar prize by the Swiss Solar Agency in the "Building: renovations" category for the new facade panels of our high-rise office building (built in 1978) at our head office in Basel. The photovoltaic installation, covering some 1 600 m², has a total output of around 70 000 kilowatt-hours per year. Thanks to a significantly improved building shell, heat insulation, building services, comfort  ventilation and LED lights, the building's total energy requirement was reduced by almost 34%.

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WWF Palm Oil Buyers Scorecard: 1st place

The latest WWF ranking has confirmed our world-leading commitment in the area of palm oil. We came top of the international ranking with the best rating out of a total of 227 companies.

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Lean & Green Award Second Star

We were the first Swiss retailer to win the Lean & Green Second Star award. In 8 years, we have reduced our relative CO2 emissions in the areas of transport and logistics by over 30%.


Energy Globe Award

Once more, we have won an award for our ice storage pilot project: We have won the “Energy Globe” – The World Award for Sustainability, one of the most prestigious environmental awards in the world. With the ice storage, excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic system is stored in the form of ice and can then be used for cooling in the retail outlet, if required.   

Further awards

2019: EHI Energy Management Award

For our innovative ice store, we won the EHI Energy Management Award 2019 in the category «Innovative Energy Efficiency Technologies». With our ice store, we store surplus energy from photovoltaic systems in the form of ice, which in turn is used for cooling our sales outlets. This innovation marks another milestone on the path towards carbon neutrality.

2019: Eco Performance Award

We have won the Eco Performance Award 2019, Europeans leading award for sustainability in the transport and logistics sector. The jury honoured the fact that we are pioneers in establishing a Swiss electromobility system which is based on the renewable energy hydrogen.  

2019: WWF Rating

Compared to the last rating in 2015, we have improved in almost all fields of action. Hence, we have been awarded as pioneers for the second time in a row.

2019: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare» (BBFAW)

As the only Swiss retailer, we are for the sixth time in a row in the first group, so called Tier 1, of the international rating «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare».

2018: Sustainable Food Awards

Our innovative products earned us two runner-up awards at the Sustainable Food Awards in Amsterdam. The awards went to our insect products and the Multi Bag for fruit and vegetables.

2018: Lean & Green Award

Commitment to sustainable logistics: we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in logistics and transport and our efforts have earned us the Lean & Green Award.

2018: Swiss Ethics Award

Together with Chocolats Halba, we have received the Swiss Ethics Award for outstanding ethical achievements.

2018: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare» (BBFAW)

For the fifth time in a row we are in the top group, so called «Tier 1», of the international rating «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare». No other company in Switzerland has succeeded in doing so.

2017: Coop and WWF – an award-winning partnership

Together with the WWF, we won the «Business to NGO Partnership of the Year» award for our comprehensive environmental partnership.

2017: Schafisheim receives the «Building Award»

The planning office Eicher + Pauli appointed by Coop to work on the Schafisheim biomass heating project received the «Building Award 2017» in the Energy and Building Services category for its engineering achievement.

2016: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare»

We take first place for the fourth consecutive year in the international animal welfare rating BBFAW. The BBFAW praises us in particular for our clear strategy and the broad-based and systematic implementation of our measures.

2016: «Good Rabbit Award»

Our progressive husbandry system for rabbits has attracted international attention. We are the first retailer in the world to win the «Good Rabbit Award» from the Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) organization.

2016: «Energy Globe World Award»

We win the «Energy Globe World Award» in the «Air» category with our 18-tonne electric truck that makes deliveries to our stores.

2016: Watt d'Or

We receive the Watt d'Or special award in the «corporate strategy» category. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) thus acknowledges our strategy and its implementation in the areas of climate protection and sustainability.

2016: Political award for Transgourmet Germany

On 24 November 2016, Transgourmet Germany wins the prestigious politics award in the «Corporate Campaign» category for its project «From cost factor to happiness factor – Embracing emotional enjoyment in catering for senior citizens».

2015: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare»

We're the best in animal welfare. As the only provider from Switzerland, we rank first among 90 leading international companies in the food sector. For the third time in a row.

2015: Good Farm Animal Awards

We had two reasons to celebrate at the 2015 Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards. Firstly we were recognized for the most innovative animal welfare project in the European retail sector and secondly, we placed second overall among all retailers in Europe with our commitment to animal welfare.

2015: Swiss Environmental Award

We are the winner of the 2015 Swiss Environmental Award. This award recognizes, among other things, our efforts to supply our sales outlets in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible

2014: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare»

For the second consecutive time we are rated the global leader for animal welfare by the «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare» (BBFAW). This rating is awarded by two international animal protection organizations.

2014: «Zurich Climate Prize»

Together with Feldschlösschen and E-Force, Coop wins silver in the «Zurich Climate Prize» for its electric truck with roof-mounted photovoltaic unit.

2014: Future Prize Logistics 2014

Coop's delivery vehicle with carbon parts wins the Future Prize Logistics 2014.

2014: Swiss Solar Prize

Coop wins the Swiss Solar Prize for its electric truck with roof-mounted photovoltaic unit.

2014: Humagora Prize

Philias awards the Prix Humagora to Coop and six charitable organizations for their innovative partnership which supports people with disabilities.

2014: «National Energy Globe Switzerland»

Coop's electric trucks win the coveted National Energy Globe Switzerland award for the best project in Switzerland.

2014: Marketing Trophy

Coop wins the special prize for its 20-year campaign for Naturaplan.

2014: European Solar Prize

Coop wins the European Solar Prize for its electric truck with roof-mounted photovoltaic unit.

2014: «World Star Packaging Award»

Betty Bossi's resource-saving salad packaging wins this global award.

2013: «Zurich Climate Prize»

Coop and Railcare AG achieve 3rd place in the «Zurich Climate Prize» for transferring goods transport from road to rail.

2013: Swiss Ethics Prize

Coop Romandie's integration project wins silver.

2013: «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare»

The «Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare» (BBFAW) rates Coop as the world's leading retailer addressing compliance with animal welfare standards.

2013: National Prize for Vocational Training

Coop's exemplary professional training wins it a national award presented by the Hans Huber Foundation and the Swiss Venture Club.

2013: DuPont Gold Award

Coop/Awtec wins the DuPont Gold Award for Innovative Packaging for the optimized packaging of popular Betty Bossi salad bowls.

2012: Sustainia 100

Coop Naturaline is commended in Rio as a showpiece project.

2012: Swiss Solar Prize

The Swiss Solar Agency awards the Swiss Solar Prize to Coop's distribution centre and industrial bakery in Gossau, canton of St. Gallen, in the Energy plant/Photovoltaics category.

2012: «EHI Energy Management Award»

The EHI Retail Institute awards Coop the EHI Energy Management Award for the most innovative concept for its Energy/CO2 Vision.

2011: «Zurich Climate Prize», Romandie market region

Coop receives the special prize in the «Zurich Climate Prize“ for the Romandie market region for its new sales outlet in Porrentruy.

2011: «Zurich Climate Prize», Central Switzerland market region

Coop wins second place in the «Zurich Climate Prize» for the Central Switzerland market region thanks to its innovative local cooling/heating network.

2011: Öbu-Prize

3rd place in the rating of the best sustainability reports.

2011: «Goldener Zuckerhut» (Golden Sugarloaf)

For its commitment to sustainability and its entrepreneurial courage, Coop is the first Swiss company ever to win this major award in the European food industry.

2011: World's most sustainable retailer

The independent rating agency Oekom Research AG awards Coop the accolade of world's most sustainable retailer.

2011: «Ethical Corporation Award»

The printed advertisements for Coop Oecoplan, referring to the impact that current purchasing decisions have on future generations, comes out top in the «Authentic Communication» category.

2010: FSC Global Partners Awards 

FSC rewards Coop's commitment.

2010: «Ethical Bio Trade Award for Biodiversity»

Coop wins an award for outstanding commitment to preserving biodiversity.

2009: «Green Awards for Creativity in Sustainability»

Award for Coop's footprint campaign.

2007: Öbu Prizes

3rd place in the rating of the best sustainability reports.

«2006: Swiss Ethics Award»

Award for Coop and Remei for the Naturaline own-label textiles brand.

2005: Öbu-Preis

Award for the best sustainability report.